Connections for Seniors, LLC was founded in 2009, after years of conversations with caregivers who were searching for ways to keep their loved ones engaged. 

Individuals with memory loss may feel like they are losing their sense of purpose, identity and social connections. Engaging in activity that highlights their strengths, background, and interests can provide meaningful cognitive stimulation and positively impact their outlook, improving quality of life.


  • Regularly scheduled activity visits and recreation therapy for individuals with memory loss

  • Consultations with caregivers/family members looking for strategies to improve communication and find success-oriented activities


"Your recap of your visit is so helpful and encouraging. My mother has embraced your approach and enjoys your company. I see less anxiety, less depression and more enthusiasm and positive remarks. Thank you for your contribution to her self-confidence. We have all noticed a drastic improvement in my dad's speech and interaction with us. He initiates conversation now for the first time since his stroke. Not only has my dad become much more conversant, he laughs and speaks clearly. You have a gift."  -C. L.

​​"Joan has made a huge difference in the quality of life for my mother who is suffering from dementia. Joan is gentle with an easy style and skillful approach which gives Mom a chance to express herself. During her visits, Joan tailors conversation and activities to my mother's interests and abilities, sensitively adjusting her approach as the situation warrants. Joan has also provided me with invaluable comfort and support in dealing with my mother's condition. Her suggestions have been unfailingly helpful. Joan knows the community and has made many helpful recommendations for additional support."


"My mother, who has dementia, has benefited tremendously from Connections for Seniors, LLC. Joan and her team have enriched my mom's life, helping her find meaning and purpose in this chapter of her life. As a result, she is active and happy, with renewed self-esteem. They also are an excellent resource for me, educating me about this stage of my Mom's life which enables me to make better and more informed care decisions."



​"You bring out so much that's interesting and stimulating for our mother. Thanks for your caring and great creativity with her." -P.B.

"When my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I was devastated. I had no idea what truly lay ahead. As she declined, I sought guidance and help. I can't thank you enough for both. Your knowledge of the disease process and skill in relating to those with it is remarkable. Your visits to her are outstanding, she really enjoys your companionship. I enjoy the relief you give me for respite. You have guided me toward next steps and are extremely knowledgeable of other community assets. I can't thank you enough for your great skill, compassion and guidance." -T.B.

"Joan and Connections for Seniors were critical components of our family's care for our mother, who had Alzheimer's disease. Joan helped family members understand what was going on and plan for the future. And in her one-on-one sessions with our mother Joan knew just what to do to stimulate her, draw her out, entertain her, and reassure her. We cannot recommend your services highly enough." -T.W.